• Peer Richelsen

  • Malte Delfs

  • Nicolas Jessen
    Backend Engineer

  • Bennet Krause
    Android Engineer

  • Julien Großkrüger
    iOS Engineer

  • Mirjam Liggefeldt
    Social Engineer

  • Karsten Pietrzyk
    Lead Software Engineer

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Team #Snapcardster NEW

One Team – One Vision

Challenging the highest competition.

Team #Snapcardster includes four of the most experienced and successful Magic: The Gathering™ players from Denmark, winning some of the most desired trophys including World Magic Cup 2014 and several Grand Prixs, Nationals, StarCityGames Open and Bazaar of Moxen.

  • Thomas Enevoldsen
    Thomas Enevoldsen
    World Magic Cup 2014 and GP Strasbourg Winner

  • Michael Bonde
    Michael Bonde
    First European SCG Winner, BoM #8 Winner

  • Andreas Petersen
    Andreas Petersen
    Multiple Legacy/Vintage National Champion

  • Anders Gotfredsen
    Anders Gotfredsen
    WMC 2016 Competitor, Standard Beast!

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Working at Snapcardster

Join us. We have Storm Crows.

We're a young team of magic and tech enthusiasts, always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Role Type Start
Social Media & Content Producer NEW Part-time Now Apply
Bachelor/Master Thesis in Computer Science NEW 6 Months Now Apply
Team #Snapcardster Professional Player Part-time 2017 Assigned
Performance Marketing Internship + Trainee Programm Part-time June 2017 Assigned
Social Media Internship + Trainee Programm Part-time June 2017 Assigned
Frontend iOS Developer Full-time May 2017 Assigned
Java Developer Part-time March 2017 Assigned