November 11, 2018

Lazav the Multifarious 1v1 Commander with Andreas “ecobaronen” Petersen

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest video series. Last time you saw me play five sweet matches of Vintage. Today we have some 1v1 Commander action on our hands…
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Selesnya Emmara-Soul-of-the-Accord by Mark Winters
November 9, 2018

Conclave Mastery – How to draft Selesnya

It wasn't long after a member of our testing team had declared Selesnya unplayable in draft that I tried the archetype for the first time (partly because I wanted to…
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Jeskai Sideboarding Niv-Mizzet, Parun
DecktechGrand PrixStandardTournament
November 8, 2018

Michael Bonde’s Jeskai Control from GP Lille with Sideboarding Guide

Welcome to yet another article from yours truly! This article is written in a place of limbo. On the one hand, I want to talk about all the great things that…
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November 6, 2018

Martin Müller playing Mono Blue Tempo

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica is in a few days! Today Martin Müller shares a part of his early testing process for Standard. Here he takes his first steps in…
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Black-Green Midrange by Simon Nielsen
DecktechMagic ArenaVideo
October 25, 2018

Black-Green Vraska MTG Arena Gameplay with Simon Nielsen

Black-green is the name of the game as Golgari decks are the strongest Standard archetype going into the first Grand Prix weekend to feature Guilds of Ravnica in Standard after the…
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Gruul-Exploriments with Simon Nielsen
DecktechMagic ArenaStandard
October 19, 2018

Green-Red Exploriments MTG Arena Gameplay with Simon Nielsen

In his article earlier this week, Grand Prix Champion Simon Nielsen explored Standard decklists with Wildgrowth Walker. One of those lists was a green-red midrange deck featuring Experimental Frenzy which…
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Wildgrowth Walker by Ryan Alexander Lee
October 16, 2018

Take a Walk on the Wildgrowth Side

Grand Prix Champion Simon Nielsen takes a Walk on the Wilgrowth side today and guides us through three different deck approaches that feature the explore payoff card. Get ready for…
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