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Magic Arena
October 15, 2018

RE: It’s Time to Stop Comparing Magic Arena to Magic Online

Seth probably better known as @SaffronOlive says: "It's Time to Stop Comparing Magic Arena to Magic Online". @Peer_Rich, founder of Snapcardster strongly disagrees. We need to compare Magic Arena to…
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Team Snapcardster: The Danes
Grand PrixProtourTeam Snapcardster
September 16, 2018

Team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard revealed

We’re incredibly happy to not only announce the first “all-danes” Pro Tour team but also a tight collaboration with with the start of the new season. The company behind…
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July 15, 2018

Time for new adventures: Missing Miri

Mirjam Liggefeldt managed the social media content of from the beginning Miri, the past year has been a blast. The team will be missing you, but we’re incredible proud…
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MKM Series Hamburg 2018
May 22, 2018

Road trippin’: MKM Series Hamburg

Last month I decided to escape the everyday life and hit the road for three months. The goal: play as much magic and meet as many like-minded people as possible.…
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new magic card scanner
March 5, 2018

Update 0.7.1: Scanning into the future

New Year – New Scanner! We're incredibly proud to finally announce the first magic card scanner that not only recognizes the set but also the language of a card. (don't get me wrong,…
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