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Snapcardster offers unique features to manage, share and trade magic collections. Stay in contact with your local playgroup, traders and judges from all over the world.

Discover Snapcardster,
the app for magic players

Snapcardster builds the most powerful tools for magic fans. Scan your magic cards using your phone camera and organize your magic collection in decks and folders. Whether you’re a casual player, tournament grinder, store owner or online marketplace. Snapcardster's intuitive and feature-rich application is more than an app. It's your magic companion for daily mtg.

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Snap cards faster with these Benefits

save time

Save Time

Scanning cards is the most convenient way to digitize trading cards and 80% faster compared to manual insertion.

save money

Save Money

Find the best offer nearby. Local trading without commission and shipping costs saves up to 30% on each card.

save money

Peace of Mind

Your collection is what we care about. We're checking daily for the best price and notify you, if someone nearby has what you need.

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New Import Update 0.4.2 (beta)

With version 0.4.2 we're introducing a powerful import tool and wants lists to speed up collection management accepting *.dec, *.csv and more!

We believe magic on phones is a TREMENDOUS thing for human mankind. We're building a GREAT app. It's HUGE. Seriously, are you still reading? Check out the app. Dude. Really. Here is the android beta.

Powerful Import

Import your decklists from various file types, like .dec and .csv. No need to create your collection all over again.

Share your deckslists

Exchanging decklists with your friends have never been easier. Submit your tournament list to your head judge with one click.


Create your personal wants and haves lists with ease. Share them with everybody or your friends only.

Community Update 0.4 (beta)

We've added all kinds of new social interactive features to improve trading and communication with friends. Connect with your local gaming group to see which cards they're looking for. Share your wants, visit their profiles and chat with them about magic.

Magic Contacts

Add other magic players to your friendslist to simplify trading and organising game nights. Chat using the in-app instant messenger.

Folders & Deckbuilding

Organize your magic collection in decks and folders. Share your wants and offers with your friends and people nearby.

Location Based Trading

See public wants and haves lists of other magic players in your area. This way you can set up trades even before meeting.

Fast & Precise Scanner

Scan your magic cards using your smart phone camera*. Support us by submitting correclty labled images to improve the scanner.

Magic Newsfeed

Your Snapcardster timeline channels all kinds of magic content. Select the topics you want to see everyday.

Gather Snapcoins

You're rewarded Snapcoins for each magic card you scan using Snapcardster. You can unlock in-app premium features soon.

Global Highscore

Compare your all-time amount of rewarded Snapcoins with those of other players. Compete simply by collecting magic cards.

Cloud-stored Collections

Your collection is securely stored in a cloud. Access it from wherever you are with whatever smart device you like.

Daily Price Updates

Snapcardster updates your magic cards' prices on a daily basis. No need to check manually each time you trade cards.

Instant Push Notifications

Receive push notifications in case of important magic news, trade requests, radical price changes and more.

Fair Price

Snapcardster uses card prices from different sources like TCGplayer, MagicCardMarket and eBay to calculate the perfect price.

Instant Group Messenger

Create groups and invite other players. E.g., assemble your local Commander playgroup to determine time and space for playing.

Deckstats and Graphs

What does your deck's mana curve look like? What about the color requirements? Take a look and adjust your deck to your likings.

In-Depth Card Search

Search for players, news and cards among all existing magic cards, your own cards, or cards from other players' wants or haves lists.

Secure Payment

Easy in-app payment for premium content on Snapcardster. We offer PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer or credit card.

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