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Save, organize and synchronize your collection in the cloud. For free.

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Order your favorite cards from thousands of players. Any time. Any place.

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Who we are and where we come from.

Many days ago there was only an empty power point presentation. Today we can offer you the most innovative mobile market for Magic cards. From players for players. Here you will learn more about how this came about and who are the people behind it.

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Easy scanning. Like a barcode. BEEP BOOP.

Scan your cards. No more spreadsheets!

Let's be honest... Tracking and trading Magic cards can be really exhausting! Typing up manually, indicating the language and choosing the edition and prices can take several hours. There is a scanner that takes care of all these issues. Quite convenient, right?

Your Magic-Portfolio. Keep track of prices, create folders and decks.

Managing cards in the 21st century!

Snapcardster helps you to keep the overview of your growing collection. With daily price updates and exciting Magic news you're optimally prepared for your next FNM event!

What would a Trading Card Game be without Trading?

Buy and sell. No listing fees. With Snapcoins only 4% commission.

Buying and selling Magic: The Gathering cards has never been easier. Finally: a mobile app that does everything. Fast Scanner, high demand, secured shipping and fair commission. No Joke.

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Simply different.

Experience the Snapcardster Mage. Cheap. Instant. Human.

Still not convinced? Your benefits:

Keep track of your cards faster. Sell more easily. Trustee service. Insured shipping. Curated retailers. Customer support quick as lightning.

Scan cards within seconds

Try out the first card scanner that recognizes the language as well as the particular edition.

Manage your collection safely

Cloud storage for free. SSL-certificated and saved according to GDPR.

More time and more cash for Magic

Saving time while tracking and trading = More time for Magic

Andreas PetersenCaptain of Team Snapcardster

“I was fortunate enough to meet Peer at Grand Prix Copenhagen, summer 2017. It turned out we shared a lot of visions about the game, and here we are today still marching forward. I'm not only excited to represent a quality product like the Snapcardster app, but I'm also super excited for the opportunity to bring in two of my absolute best friends to go on this adventure with me. I see a bright future for me in the Snapcardster uniform.”


“Snapcardster is an easy to use, accurate display of the current prices of fine luxury cardboard! It's easy to display and save your collection, the people who work for the company are swell people and I highly recommend using their app!”

Frederik Schunckon Google Play Store

“Snapcardster makes organizing easy, which is why I use it every day to keep track of my collection, my decks and the value of my cards. - The Snapcardster scanner is the smartest scanner I’ve tried on mobile, and the ability to scan unlimited amounts of cards, makes it the best way to add cards to my collection after a draft.”

Natasha Cruzon Google Play Store

“Amazing app, Amazing potential! Fastest scanner ever! Every MTG player
needs this app in their life!”

Esbenon Facebook

“Hey guys. I recently started using your app to index my collection, and so far it's been doing great! [...] I work as a software developer, specializing in backend / api solutions for a small company in Denmark. I've been planning to build a couple of applications for matching my collection with decklists and finding wishlists - in order to find out what i need for specific decks. Your app would enable me to populate my collection fairly easily, which is pretty awesome.”

Joseph YX Zhou"dr.snapcaster" on Instagram

“I'm impressed with how convenient and robust the Snapcardster card recognition capability is. I'm especially impressed when the app can recognise some altered and/or signed cards. It can also recognise a good portion of foreign cards. I'll be using this app as my primary tool for collection and price tracking for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work, team!”

Matthewon Google Play Store

“I am excited to see and use the upcoming trading section of the app and currently enjoy using the app for its other features, saves the hassle of following lots of different magic twitter accounts as they are lots of content is posted in the start page. The developers and other people are very helpful in identify and fixing bugs.”

nerdandnostalgiaon Instagram

“If you’re looking for the tool to help you keep track of you MtG cards or to view pricing, Snapcardster is the app for you! I’ve been using it to scan and keep track of my collection for a while now. It’s nice to have the Snapcardster’s function at the touch of a finger and to use it to as a means to stay connected to the Magic world! I’ve enjoyed the app and plan on using it well into the future!”

Connor Jacobsen"mtg_omnath" on Instagram

“I love the app, it's made managing my collection so much easier. In addition, the team is always super helpful and willing to help out with whatever problem arises, not that many do. It helps me find cards I need, track the ones I have, and sell the ones I don't need anymore. Hopefully Wizards recognises how awesome this app is and certifies it, maybe even integrating it into their company!”

itz_magic_timeon Instagram

“The Snapcardster app is one of the most essential tools for a Magic: The Gathering Players. The ability to quickly scan, price, and trade cards takes all the hassles out of a fair trade. Snap, Price, and Go- it's that simple! Snapcardster is the only tool I trust for all my pricing and trading, since the reliability is unparalleled to any of it's competitors.”

For players by players

Team #Snapcardster is an official Pro Tour participant and supports players worldwide with their favorite hobby, Magic: The Gathering.

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